Frequently Asked Questions

How does ShoeTips Work?

ShoeTips trains you to focus on the one or two most important swing thoughts that will improve your performance while you play. These reminders help you concentrate better and enhance your on-course performance.

When should I use ShoeTips?

ShoeTips is designed to be used during practice or on the course while you play — whenever you want to maintain your focus and channel your mental game. In other words, ALL THE TIME! Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, ShoeTips helps you play with greater confidence.

There are two ways to use ShoeTips — on your shoes or on the enclosed bonus BagTag. We recommend using ShoeTips on your shoes, where they’ll be in full view as you start your swing routine. When posting scores for handicap purposes, you must use ShoeTips on the BagTag. The USGA certifies that ShoeTips is Permitted Under The Rules of Golf when mounted on the BagTag and attached to your golf bag.

How do I attach the base clips to the shoelaces and move them to the BagTag when desired?

Can I change the labels during the round?

Yes! Make sure to store the labels on the ring and place them conveniently in your golf bag. Changing labels only takes a moment.

What if I don’t see the exact swing thought I want among the 18 pre-printed labels?

We expect that to happen. Turn over any of the labels and write your own custom tip using a permanent marker. (The act of writing actually adds to your focus.)

Do I look at the reminders for every shot?

Probably not. We have learned that after using ShoeTips for a few holes you gain a sense of what the labels say and the intended swing thought begins to stay on your mind as you play, whether you look at them or not.

Are ShoeTips waterproof?

Yes. ShoeTips’ base clips, labels and BagTag are all durable and weatherproof.

Where can I get ShoeTips?


Amazon is the easiest, most convenient way to buy ShoeTips — for yourself, or as a gift. (ShoeTips make a GREAT gift for the golfers in your life!) Click here to link to our Amazon seller’s page. ShoeTips will be available soon in golf specialty stores nationwide.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, Amazon ships overseas. And ShoeTips also will be available soon in foreign languages!

What’s your return policy?

We offer an unconditional, 100% money back guarantee for 30 days. We’re proud of our product and stand behind it fully.