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The last thing your golfers want is another divot tool, hat or towel. Here’s your chance to be more creative.

Give a unique, fun, and practical gift that'll boost their confidence every time they play, and satisfy your sponsors with personalized branding.  

ShoeTips’ 18 simple swing thoughts are familiar and interchangeable. Or write your own custom tips on the reverse side using an indelible marker.  

Retail: $19.99
GTAA Regular Price: $16.99 (72 unit min.)
Special Introductory Price: $12.99 (72 unit min.) Expires: August 15
Additional 5% discount for Qty of 144+
Logo Branding - Add $1.00/unit
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Swing thought reminders you wear on your shoes or hang from your bag.
Calms your mind, narrows your focus, and lowers your score.

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Designed for golfers of all skill levels—from beginners to pros—for use anytime, anywhere. This totally new, ingeniously simple playing aid enhances your mental game on the course, while you play, helping you score better and enjoy the game more.

ShoeTips is “Permitted Under the Rules of Golf” (USGA Decision: 2017-0271) 

An easy-to-use, quality product that’s weatherproof, flexible, compact, and handsomely packaged, ShoeTips makes a great, and thoughtful gift. And it really works!

Need to solve your gift bag dilemma and immediately impress the golfers in your tournament? Give them something they’ve never seen before and will really appreciate. Show them how much you and your sponsors care about them!

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