Finally, The Perfect Tee Gift!

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When it comes to tee gifts, it's a good bet that most of your golfers have enough shirts, hats, and towels. 
Be More Creative in what you give out. Think function and practicality, or  something they'll actually use on a frequent or daily basis.
-Southland Golf, February 2017

What great advice!



Swing thought reminders you wear on your shoes or hang from your bag.
Calms your mind, narrows your focus, and lowers your score.


Designed for golfers of all skill levels—from beginners to pros! The USGA has ruled that ShoeTips is “Permitted Under the Rules of Golf” for use anytime, anywhere. Use this totally new, ingeniously simple training aid for the mental game on the course, while you play. It builds confidence, helps you play better and enjoy the game more.

An easy-to-use, quality product that’s weatherproof, flexible and compact. Oh, and handsomely packaged! ShoeTips makes a great, and thoughtful gift. And it really works!

We’re excited to join the Golf Tournament Association of America (GTAA) as a "preferred vendor” , to connect with the thousands of volunteers and professionals who dedicate themselves to organizing great golf tournaments all year long—creating memorable experiences and raising money for worthy causes.

Need to solve your gift bag dilemma and immediately impress the participants in your tournament? Give them something new that they’ll really appreciate! ShoeTips Golf!


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Preferred Vendor

Preferred Vendor