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Select 2 of the 18 easy-to-change pre-printed tips -- or write your own on the reverse side of the label with an indelible marker. Attach the labels to the base clips, then to your shoelaces or BagTag as shown:

ShoeTips Golf Training Aid

Hold the label and the base clip with the holes on the left.

ShoeTips Golf Training Aid

Slide the label under the guides and seat the hole over the post.

ShoeTips Help Improve Your Golf

Observe the clip on the underside of the base.

ShoeTips Help Improve Your Golf

Slide the clip securely over your shoelaces.

ShoeTips Custom Golf Tips

Turn a label over and use and indelible marker to writer your own custom tip.

ShoeTips Improve Your Golf

Store the labels and base clips on the ring provided.

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Now trust your swing and you're ready to go!


ShoeTips Improve Your Golf with Tempo

Hold a base clip over a slot in the BagTag.

Use ShoeTips to Improve Your Golf

Insert the clip through the slot.

Use ShoeTips on Your Bag to Improve Your Golf

Slide the base clip down until secure. Repeat with the 2nd base clip.

ShoeTips on Your Bag to Improve Your Golf

Use the enclosed loop to hang the BagTag on your golf bag.