"Want to lower your handicap? Getting better is all about focus. ShoeTips helps me re-focus an instant before I swing. Perfect!"

Lee Tomlinson, Scratch Golfer, and Entertainment Executive

“I was amazed by the simplicity of ShoeTips! It’s hard helping students learn to quiet their minds and focus on just one or two thoughts as they’re playing. ShoeTips makes it easy! Your mental reminders are right there on your shoes! I’ve never seen a product that promotes the “inner game” during play. This is something every golfer should have in their bag!”

Alex Galvin, PGA Pro and instructor. Former Head Coach of Collegiate Men’s Golf Team and Head Golf Pro at 3 top Southern California golf clubs.

"When playing golf it's so easy to lose focus or become overwhelmed with thoughts. ShoeTips helps my students concentrate on the most important reminders so they can play to their fullest potential."

 Paul McKee, Titleist Performance Institute Certified Instructor and MS, Sports Psychology candidate

"The inner game of golf, or any endeavor, is based upon maintaining focus on your specific goal. This method reminds golfers to remember what they forgot. Very helpful and a great conversation piece."

Alan Steinberg, avid golfer and Ph.D,, Philosophy