We get it! You’ve never seen anything like ShoeTips before and you’re skeptical. So before you buy, we want you to know what you’re getting and hope we’ve anticipated all your questions…


“Most of the mistakes you'll make in a round of golf are mental, not physical. …if you reach a level where you hit a number of solid shots every round, what's holding you back... is mostly in your head and not some urgent technical flaw.” —Rickie Fowler, Nov. 2017 “Play Your Best” article for Golf Digest

Let that sink in for a minute…It’s really worth thinking about.


ShoeTips is a simple idea, born of an age-old problem all golfers face—how to stay positive and mentally focused to achieve peak performance, from the first shot to the last.  

What can we do—while we play—to help our minds cope with all of the internal and external distractions that interfere with our performance? It’s been a problem in search of a solution for as long as the game has been played. Till now…


Tom Ferraro, Ph.D., a Sport Psychologist who works closely with golfers and other elite athletes, explains:

A golf swing is relatively slow—about 1.7 seconds. During that time you might have 7 thoughts, which is probably 6 too many. …What does a player do with their mind while they’re swinging?” …It’s important to develop a defensive system.

If you watch golf on TV you see there’s always a tour caddie near the player—most likely someone trained by a sport psychologist—and you hear them provide verbal reminders to the player during the pre-shot routine. 

ShoeTips is very similar—it provides a visual reminder. ShoeTips is like having your own tour caddie. It’s a very useful guide.”

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Jerry Royster, veteran pro baseball player, manager and coach, and avid golfer, agrees:

"I’ve worked with athletes at every level of their development. A system that helps them draw on all of their preparation, when they need it, is a great tool for achieving peak performance.

ShoeTips does just that! I recommend it to all teachers who want their students to stay focused and remember what lessons they have been taught. It works for golf, baseball or any other pursuit.”



John D., an active senior golfer in Colorado reports

    “Played today with ShoeTips and shot the best round of the year. Your product really made a difference.”

Wade A., a high school golf team coach in West Virginia, wrote:

"I have a golfer on the team (11th grade). He is a 3 time conference medalist, but he has been struggling to improve his scores from last year.  He is a disciplined golfer and has a passion for the game.

I showed him the ShoeTips on Monday and allowed him to select the 2 "reminders" he thought would help him during the next match.  (STAY DOWN and COMMIT TRUST) We participated in our last home match on Wednesday.  He shot 37!! (par 36) - best score of the season.  He is really confident as we approach our regional playoff match. Thank you ShoeTips for a great product for young golfers who need constant "reminders" during the match.”

Anne B.,  a lady member at Riviera CC, in Los Angeles, and an Amazon verified customer, says:

“I love ShoeTips. Choosing your own appropriate tip to remind you of what you need to focus on, and being able to see it on your shoes while addressing the ball is Genius! These tips have definitely helped with my ball striking and scoring.

…As we all know, most of golf is a mental game… these tips definitely help you to focus and improve. I think every teaching professional should recommend them to their students.....what an easy way to reinforce the lesson! Thank you for creating this clever aid to golfers! I love it! 5.0 out of 5 stars  -  Golf is a mental game!

Gary K., Golf Channel Amateur Tour Player, Ventura, CA writes: 

     "Hey, I'm living proof that they work.  3rd at Ojai and then 3rd at Sandpiper!  Great         finishes with a lot of help from my ShoeTips.”


Most golfers want to play better. Golf is seductive; there’s nothing quite like the feeling of a great shot to keep bringing us back to the course. It’s a game that ignites a desire for self improvement. That’s what inspired the invention of ShoeTips and what captures the imagination of golfers to add ShoeTips to their golf routine. 

“How does the mind interact with the body?” 

Sport psychologist Tom Ferraro places ShoeTips in the context of golfers’ quest to enter "the zone”, defined as an “optimal performance state”, a special “mental” place, where somehow, and for some period of time, conscious thought is suspended, everything flows, and you can do no wrong.

“The idea of being fully absorbed in a task—that’s what gets you into “the zone”. One of the good things about ShoeTips is that when you look down, you’re looking at something external and it has a way of then helping you become more internalized yourself. You get focused on the process by seeing something visual on your shoes. This is the key—the “doorway into the zone” that really helps athletes.” 

It’s not that ShoeTips magically cures your negative self-talk, your anxiety, reduces the tension in your body, restores your confidence, or teaches you how to play golf. ShoeTips simply reminds you of the one or two positive thoughts that are most important for your game and reinforces them when it counts the most, as you prepare to swing—just like a tour caddie does for a pro.  

ShoeTips provide mental focus and foster a calm, positive state of mind, which in turn relaxes your body, builds self-confidence, and encourages you to focus entirely on the present, so you’re not preoccupied with conscious thought, judgment, or emotion.


ShoeTips is a serious product. It’s meant to be used every time you play. ShoeTips is a habit worth cultivating, if you want to improve, become “fully absorbed” in your game, and fulfill your potential,

It’s easy as 1,2,3. (If you missed our “how-to” video at the top, go back and have a look.)

    1) Keep ShoeTips handy. (It’s designed to carry the base clips and labels together on the     metal ring.) When you’re ready to put on your shoes, select your one or two swing  thought labels, and take them off the ring, along with the clips. (Close the ring to store         the remaining labels.) 

    2) Slide the chosen labels under the guides and over the post on the clips—till you hear a little “click”. 

    3) Then slide the clips over your laces where they cross. Finally, put on your shoes. (It’s easy to transfer them to your other golf shoes, any time.) If you prefer, insert the clips  into the slots in the Bagtag and hang it from your bag.


Swing thought reminders aren’t just for beginners and amateurs; pros rely on them, too. In her May 2016 Golf Digest story, “How to Keep Your Streak Alive”, LPGA Pro, Paula Creamer, wrote: 

 "I know very few serious players who don't keep a journal of swing thoughts in their golf bag. I always jot down two thoughts from my "bible" on a sticky note and put it in my scorecard holder. My most recent ones were, Turn left shoulder over right knee and Slow transition." 

PGA Pro, Louis Oosthuizen, credits a little red dot on his glove with helping him win the 2010 Open Championship. It was the trigger he needed to focus on his swing.

    “After  the French Open, I spoke with my manager and said, “I need to do something; I struggle to get in the moment before I want to hit the shot. My head’s all over the place; I’m not thinking properly. So it’s a routine thing; I need to work on my routine. …I saw Karl Morris, [a sport psychologist] and he helped me put a little red dot on my glove. Before every shot, just look down—it could have been anything, it didn’t need to be a red dot. …to know what I want to do, think about what I want to do and hit the shot. It helped me keep things in perspective, not trying to get too far ahead of myself.”


Writing about “Must-see gear from the 2017 PGA of America Fashion & Demo Experience,” Ken Van Vechten, said: 

“ShoeTips might be my ticket, one of those amazingly basic ideas that until recently no one thought to invent and, more importantly, for which to secure the USGA’s blessing.”

We’re very pleased to report the USGA’s positive decision #2017-0271 that ShoeTips is “Permitted under the Rules of Golf”—so golfers everywhere, amateurs as well as professionals, can use ShoeTips anytime they play. It’s a coveted designation by an organization whose mission “…promotes and conserves the true spirit of the game of golf as embodied in its ancient and honorable traditions.”


To put ShoeTips in some perspective, consider another device you use while you play—the rangefinder. First introduced in the 1950’s, it took years for golfers to accept them. Today, they’re an essential piece of equipment. Like so much else in golf, they’re not cheap —anywhere from about $100 to over $700 and they take a bit of time to master. But the habit has taken hold because golfers believe they help their game.

In much the same way, we believe ShoeTips will revolutionize the way golfers approach the mental game. Imagine how many strokes you could save if your mind was calm, your body relaxed, and you were laser-focused on making the shot you actually intend—each time you stand over the ball. Though decidedly low-tech, ShoeTips is a habit well worth cultivating.


For $19.99, you get a beautifully-designed product that’s weatherproof, durable, and includes everything you need. It takes less than a minute to assemble and begin using.

We designed ShoeTips so you can carry all the labels and the 2 base clips together on the ring, making it easy and convenient to use and store.  

Each package comes with:

    —A metal ring with 18 interchangeable swing thought labels printed on nylon. (To write your own custom tips, turn the labels over and use an indelible marker.)

Two 1”x2” black plastic base clips that slide over your shoelaces where they  cross (no need to untie your laces). They’re designed with a hole for easy  storage on the metal ring, along with the labels.

  —A round, yellow bonus Bagtag with a plastic loop that attaches to your golf bag—as an option to wearing ShoeTips on your shoes. Insert the base clips through the slots in the Bagtag and attach to your bag with the clear plastic loop.

    —A booklet that tells the ShoeTips story and defines and categorizes each of the 18 swing thoughts into 3 groups: Focus, Feel, and Technique, includes simple “how-to”  instructions, and explains why reminders work. Review this material before using             ShoeTips.


Given what most golfers are willing to spend to improve their game, $19.99 is a small investment for a product that enables you to bring your swing thoughts with you and access your mental game, every time you play. 

ShoeTips users report that the pay-off is both immediate and sustained!  

If you have a question we haven’t answered, please click “Contact Us” and send us an email. We’ll get right back to you. 


Graeme McDowell, the North Ireland pro golfer who was clearly in the zone when he won the 2010 US Open, describes the state of mind we hope people will experience using ShoeTips.

“You turn off your mind. You feel your golf swing without really thinking about it. It’s almost like you don’t think at all. Maybe you have one little thought, and everything else becomes automatic.”

Let ShoeTips be “The Last Thought Before Your Shot”. Let it lead you to the “doorway into the zone”.

At $19.99, ShoeTip also makes a wonderfully thoughtful and affordable gift for the golfer(s) in your life, an a great stocking stuffer.

One final thought, from Ann Liguori, nationally-renowned sports radio & TV talk show host:

"ShoeTips is a brilliant idea. The messaging for golfers is a welcome reminder for positive swing thoughts and positive results -- a 'must' for anyone who wants to improve and be the best they can be on the links!

There’s no better way to reinforce some of the things you have to do on the golf course than putting messages on your shoes. What a great idea!

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