Pro Golfer Jason Dufner Wins Memorial Using Simple Breathing Technique

Everyone's talking about the simple breathing technique Jason Dufner used to win the Memorial at Muirfield Village Golf Club, June 4, 2017, in Dublin, Ohio.

As accessible to amateurs as it is to pros, ShoeTips reminds you to bring your attention to your breath as you stand over a putt--or any shot--and let your stroke take care of itself.  It sure worked for Dufner! 

In his comments to the press, Dunfer explained that a friend sent him an article about a study completed by a doctor who works with snipers in the Marines, detailing how they focus on their breathing to slow their heartbeat. Dufner adopted the technique and uses it while standing over his putts. He claims an added benefit--that it gives him something else to think about "other than my stroke or holing this putt or the situation I'm in."

"I'm just focused on my breathing," he said. "That's a conscious thought for me and then I let the putt and the motion of the stroke be subconscious and natural. I read the putt, get a feel for the line, and as soon as I'm over the ball all I'm thinking about is my breathing and not trying to make putts or anything."

"And I'm trying to slow down and focus on that breathing. It's been working. I've been using it all year. This is the first time I've said anything about it. Some days I'm better with it than others. You think it would be pretty easy to be consistent with that, but some days it's not."

Ellen Rudolph