“You swing your best when you have the fewest things to think about." Bobby Jones
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ShoeTips focus your thoughts while you play.


Golf Tips You Wear On Your Shoes
To Focus Your Thoughts Before Every Swing.

Even for the pros, staying focused is tough!

Golf pros say you play your best when you focus on only one or two thoughts.

With input from PGA pros and sports psychologists,
we invented the first wearable golf tips.

And since we all look at our shoes as we set up every shot — what a perfect place for a couple of tips to calm your mind and connect with your swing.

Distractions fall away, focus sharpens, and scores come down.

(Permitted under The Rules of Golf - USGA Decision #2017-0271)

Just slide them over your laces.
It’s that simple.


Buy Now - $19.99 - Free Shipping

Buy Now - $19.99 - Free Shipping



"A great way to stay focused and stick to your game plan.”


"Already making a difference in my game — holed more putts than I have in a long time!”


"A great tool for achieving peak performance.”

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“There’s no better way to reinforce some of the things you have to do on the golf course than putting messages on your shoes. What a great idea!

Ann Liguori,
Sports Radio & TV Talk Show Host


"Don't Tee Off Without Them!

ShoeTips transforms your performance by enabling you to focus on just one or two positive reminders before you start your swing. It’s a great way to stay focused and stick to your game plan.”

Dr. Joseph Parent,
author of "ZEN GOLF: Mastering The Mental Game"


"A system that helps athletes draw on all of their preparation, when they need it, is a great tool for achieving peak performance.

ShoeTips does just that!

I recommend it to teachers and their students so they stay focused and remember what they’ve learned. Great for golf, baseball or any other pursuit.”

Jerry Royster,
pro baseball veteran player,
manager, coach, and avid golfer

Buy Now - $19.99 - Free Shipping


“ShoeTips are great! They give you a simple, positive image of what you want to do. That helps your confidence: the most important thing for your short game and putting!”

Ray “Wizard of Wedges” Carrasco,
Senior British Masters Champion, 3-time Senior European Tour winner, Tour Ambassador and Instructor at Shady Canyon Country Club


“These ShoeTips are really far out! Great way to have my favorite “Zen Golf” mental game reminders right there for me. Already making a difference in my game — holed more putts than I have in a long time!”

Rick Dees,
America’s Top 40 Radio and TV personality


“This is the simplest yet most effective tool for synchronizing mind and body on the golf course that I’ve ever seen. Every golfer at every level should get the mental edge that ShoeTips gives you!”

Dr. Peter Murphy,
Psychologist, MurphyPeakPeformance.com