Leadbetter's Strategies To Deal with Golf's Fear-Inducing, Confidence-Killing Shank


In the April 2017 issue of Golf Digest, David Leadbetter offers a simple step-by-step cure to prevent one bad shot from becoming an epidemic.

The ShoeTips labels that best address all four of David's cures are: 

Soft Hands - Notice the tension in your hands, forearms, and shoulders as you begin your swing routine. Learn to sense when you tense up and dial it down.

Ball Position - Place the ball in the optimal position between your feet to best suit your selected club and type of shot. 

Balance - Stand over the ball and feel a low center of gravity, with all of your weight resting evenly on the soles of your feet, until you feel grounded and centered in your stance. 

Feel - Take a comfortable practice swing, giving no thought to mechanics. This is the swing that will product the shot you imagine. 

Select the two swing thoughts that can best help you and wear them on your shoes.