The Other Hole in Golf - The One In Your Head!

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In golf, every hole has... a hole--that most magical place, aka the "cup"-- into which your ball blissfully, albeit often belatedly, falls, making the most delicious and satisfying sound known to golfers--a soothing, hollow plunk

I'm talking about a metaphorical hole--the one in your head where your "mental game" should be.

Think for a moment about the tools you're currently using during a round to improve your mental game. If this sounds like a trick question and you're tempted to reply, "Well, none, because there aren't any!",  I'd have to compel you to read the rest of this post-- because now there is!  We developed ShoeTips to help golfers at all skill levels master their mental game WHILE THEY PLAY.  

Consider this: 

Golfers who have taken the mental game even halfway seriously have probably read some inspiring books on the subject, nodded their head while watching a video, promising to follow the sage advice being offered, and maybe paid for some coaching lessons--either online or in person. Maybe they've learned to meditate, and bring that to the course--when they remember. Excellent!

If there aren't any actual "tools" for the mental game, what do you rely upon in your quest for a lower score and how do your allocate your hard-earned golf dollars?

  1. Let's start with the ball; you probably have a specific one that you use all the time--until you encounter problems you believe can be solved by switching to a different one. 
  2. Clubs - these days players have a mind-boggling, ever-evolving range to choose from. There's always some crazy, new, technology-driven, souped-up club that becomes the rage--till the next one comes along. Nearly all club manufacturers indulge golfers' obsession for distance. Callaway recently introduced some drivers designed primarily for greater accuracy. We'll see how that goes. 
  3. You pay for lessons, electronic swing analysis, and time on the practice range.
  4. You buy a nice rangefinder, a sturdy bag, a snazzy pair of shoes or two, gadgets galore, and "apparel" to match.
  5. Add in greens fees, cart fees, travel and meals, and maybe a side bet or two.

It all adds up to serious bucks, and, be honest, you haven't even THOUGHT about your "mental game"!

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You've given all your love to the physical game and left your mind open to d

oubt, f

rustration, a

nxiety and f

ear, d

istractions of all kinds, and possibly jealousy and anger. 

Not the best companions to have during your round. 





If you think there's no solution--except maybe for PGA tour players, who all have professional caddies to remind them of what to do and where to focus,  you would be WRONG! 

After some 700 years, golf finally has a simple, elegant tool that's "Permitted under the Rules of Golf" by the US Golf Association-- for use by any golfer, whether amateur or pro, to remind them of the one or two things they actually want to focus on while they play. It's profoundly simple.

We proudly submit ShoeTips as the answer to a problem that has vexed you and your fellow golfers, till now...

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Remember what some of golf's greatest players, writers, and sport psychologists say about the mental game:

“Don't ever try to tell me golf is not 99.9 percent a mental game.”  Jack Nicklaus, Golf Magazine, 1988 

"Most of the mistakes you'll make in a round of golf are mental, not physical. ...what's holding you back... is mostly in your head and not some urgent technical flaw." Rickie Fowler, Golf Digest, Nov. 2017

"I've always believed that the mind is more powerful than the body in golf, especially when you've been playing for a number of years. It's said that golf is 90 percent mental and the other 10 percent is in your head." Mike Purkey, golf journalist for 30 years, Morning Read

“Don’t change your swing. Change your mind.” Dr. Joseph Parent, Zen Golf

You get the idea. 

It's the dawn of a new age! Thanks to ShoeTips, golfers at all skill levels finally have a simple, affordable device to remind them to focus and be in the moment. And incredibly enough, the price of admission is less than twenty dollars!  

ShoeTips: It's like having a visual tour caddie--right on your shoes, where you can see it each time you prepare to swing. How cool is that?!

Ellen Rudolph