Finally, a device that helps you master the mental game while you play! 

Rickie Fowler , Nov. 2017 Golf Digest article “Play Your Best”

Rickie Fowler, Nov. 2017 Golf Digest article “Play Your Best”


"Most of the mistakes you'll make in a round of golf are mental, not physical...what's holding you mostly in your head and not some urgent technical flaw." 


ShoeTips is a simple idea, born of an age-old problem—how to stay positive and mentally focused to achieve peak performance, from the first shot to the last. What can we do—while we play—to help our minds cope with all of the internal and external distractions that interfere with our performance? It’s been a problem in search of a solution for as long as the game has been played. Till now…

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Each Package Comes With...

 —A metal ring with 18 interchangeable swing thought labels printed on vinyl. 

Two 1”x2” black plastic base clips that slide over your shoelaces where they  cross (no need to untie your laces). 

  —A round, yellow bonus Bagtag with a plastic loop that attaches to your golf bag—as an option to wearing ShoeTips on your shoes. 

  —A booklet that tells the ShoeTips story and defines and categorizes each of the 18 swing thoughts into 3 groups: Focus, Feel, and Technique.

Includes simple “how-to”  instructions, and explains why reminders work. Review this material before using ShoeTips.


This beautifully-designed device is weatherproof, durable, includes everything you need, and takes less than a minute to assemble and begin using. At just $19.99, ShoeTips will revolutionize your approach to the mental game.

Carry all the labels and the 2 base clips together on the ring--it's easy to use and convenient to store.

ShoeTips is flexible too! Choose from our 18 familiar, pre-printed labels or, if you have your own custom tip, turn a label over and write it on the back with an indelible marker. The simple act of writing strengthens your intention.


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"ShoeTips--Don't tee off without them!" 

“ShoeTips is a great tool for bringing the mental game insights of ZEN GOLF with you for every shot. This is a unique approach: a training aid that becomes a playing aid you can take on the course to be more mindful of your essential swing keys— while you play! 

ShoeTips transforms your performance by enabling you to focus on just one or two positive reminders before you start your swing. It’s a great way to stay focused and stick to your game plan.” 

--Dr. Joe Parent, PGA TOUR Sports Psychologist, author of "ZEN GOLF"



Senior Golfer, John D., from Colorado reports: 
Played today with ShoeTips and shot the best round of the year. Your product really made a difference.”

High School Golfer - Wade A., a high school golf team coach in West Virginia, wrote: "I have a golfer on the team (11th grade). He is a 3 time conference medalist, but he has been struggling to improve his scores from last year.  He is a disciplined golfer and has a passion for the game.

I showed him the ShoeTips on Monday and allowed him to select the 2 "reminders" he thought would help him during the next match.  (STAY DOWN and COMMIT TRUST) We participated in our last home match on Wednesday.  He shot 37!! (par 36) - best score of the season.  He is really confident as we approach our regional playoff match. Thank you ShoeTips for a great product for young golfers who need constant "reminders" during the match.”

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Woman Golfer: Anne B.,  a lady member at Riviera CC, in Los Angeles, and an Amazon verified customer, says:
“I love ShoeTips! Choosing your own appropriate tip to remind you of what you need to focus on, and being able to see it on your shoes while addressing the ball is Genius! These tips have definitely helped with my ball striking and scoring.

Avid Amateur Golfer, Gary K., Golf Channel Amateur Tour Player, Ventura, CA writes: 
"Hey, I'm living proof that they work.  3rd at Ojai and then 3rd at Sandpiper!  Great finishes with a lot of help from my ShoeTips.”



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"I know very few serious players who don't keep a journal of swing thoughts in their golf bag. I always jot down two thoughts from my "bible" on a sticky note and put it in my scorecard holder."

           -LPGA Pro Paula Creamer, "How to Keep Your Streak Alive", Golf Digest, May 2016


Writing about “Must-see gear from the 2017 PGA of America Fashion & Demo Experience,” Ken Van Vechten, said: 
“ShoeTips might be my ticket, one of those amazingly basic ideas that until recently no one thought to invent and, more importantly, for which to secure the USGA’s blessing.”
Per USGA Decision #2017-0271, ShoeTips is "Permitted under the Rules of Golf" -- so golfers of all skill levels, from amateurs to pros, can use them anytime, worldwide.


Given what most golfers are willing to spend to improve their game, $19.99 is a small investment.  ShoeTips users report that the pay-off is both immediate and sustained!  

Let ShoeTips be “The Last Thought Before Your Shot”. Let it lead you to the “doorway into the zone”.

At $19.99, ShoeTip also makes a wonderfully thoughtful and affordable gift for the golfer(s) in your life, and a great stocking stuffer.


Still not convinced? Contact Us with your questions or concerns!