Positive Golf Swing Thoughts To Take the Fear Out of Putting


James Sieckmann, Director of Instruction at Shadow Ridge C.C., Omaha, Nebraska, short-game expert, four-time Nebraska Section PGA Teacher of the Year and regular contributor to Golf.com offered a mental game approach to "Putt Without Fear" in the May 2017 issue. His advice echoes several of ShoeTips' positive swing thoughts--"visualize", "breathe/focus", and "commit/trust". 

The piece isn't available online, but here's some quotes from his article:

  1. An athlete fills his mind with a picture of the target (and nothing else), then reacts. See hole, knock ball in hole. It’s that simple.  
  2. Eye the Prize:…lock your eyes on the back of the cup—really zero in.
  3. Close Your Eyes: …See a vivid image of the hole. Got it? Great. Now react! Roll the ball into the cup that’s etched in your mind. 
  4. Putt Your Way:…tap into the clarity of mind you found in step 2. With your eyes on the ball, see the cup in your mind’s eye. Let go of the “how”, embrace the “where”—and brush it in.