Paula Creamer Says Serious Golfers Always Bring Swing Thoughts To The Golf Course

golf swing thought reminders

Last May, as the ShoeTips team was busy developing our new product, a story titled, "How To Keep Your Streak Alive" by Paula Creamer, ran in Golf Digest. It confirmed our concept and that we were on the right track...

 "I know very few serious players," she said, "who don't keep a journal of swing thoughts in their golf bag. I always jot down two thoughts from my "bible" on a sticky note and put it in my scorecard holder. My most recent ones were, Turn left shoulder over right knee and Slow transition." 

Now that ShoeTips is Permitted Under the Rules of Golf, anyone--amateur or pro--can have their swing thoughts on their shoes or on their golf bag for any round! ShoeTips provides the mental prompt you need, when and where it counts!



Ellen Rudolph